When My Paws Depart

In May 2017, Nancy Alanis lost her adorable beagle Snoopy after years of spending loving heartfelt moments together. Shortly after his passing, Nancy began witnessing the Spirit of Snoopy around her.  Among other things, she would hear his howling at the back door or the sound of his paws racing up and down the steps. 

Then one day, Snoopy began appearing to Nancy in photos.  These special experiences inspired Nancy to write a book highlighting her touching journey with Snoopy to help heal the hearts of animal lovers everywhere who have suffered a void in their lives following the loss of a loved one.  In her book When My Paws Depart My Spirit Will Heal Your Heart, Nancy shares some of the paranormal tools she used to connect with the unconditional loving Spirit of Snoopy.

The book is now available for purchase. Visit the Books and Photos page to get your copy.

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