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Do you have a group of 10-15 people who would like to have an amazing true paranormal experience on a Spirit Chamber Ghost Tour & Class? Beginning in June 2020, if you would like to check out the Spirit Chamber Ghost Tour & Class at this 100 year old true haunted mansion, you can! Submit your request on our CONTACT PAGE.

We will be happy to arrange your next small group “Top Hat” paranormal ghost tour for a group event including: graduation, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, corporate team building gathering and most any other special occasion.

Learn about the ghost hunting tools used to communicate with Spirit (i.e. EVP- Electronic voice phenomenon etc.). Meet our very gifted mediums on select nights including Ricardo, who will connect with Spirit, your departed loved ones and pets. View amazing true paranormal Spirit photos taken by Nancy Alanis which inspired the book When My Paws Depart My Spirit Will Heal My Heart. View abundant free flying ORBS in night vision cameras. Visitors have celebrated special metaphysical energy at work including feeling cold spots, seeing the apparitions of departed loved ones, special pets, a man in a top hat, hearing special messages or getting touched by resident Spirits and so much more.

*Once approved, a group “Guest Name/Rules/No Liability” agreement shall be signed prior to any event. Spirit Chamber Ghost Tours reserves the express right to reject a tour group for any reason.

We Have The Paranormal Evidence

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