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When My Paws Depart Book

When My Paws Depart

My Spirit Will Heal Your Heart

Nancy Alanis earned her B.B.A. in Accounting and has done extensive paralegal work. Her most impressive accomplishment was working with great talented people to create and build the very popular and unparalleled San Antonio haunt, Terror Mansion, San Antonio’s Scariest True Paranormal Haunted House. Annually, the attraction has seen thousands of visitors throughout Texas and raised over $100,000 for local high schools and charities.

When staff and visitors began noticing paranormal activity inside the haunt, Nancy invited the media and friends to hundreds of paranormal parties. Following years of paranormal investigations, Nancy developed the unique ability to connect with Spirit through photos and most remarkable, she has captured hundreds of Spirit images in photos. Naturally, the newer ever evolving Spirit Chamber Ghost Tours & Class evolved.

On May 17, 2017, Nancy lost her adorable beagle Snoopy. Snoopy was a very intelligent loving companion with contagious energy. He loved to howl for attention and was eager each day to weather the hot Texas temperatures to explore digging up bones and new adventures in the backyard with his best friend Jene, a beautiful blue and brown eyed Siberian Husky.

After Snoopy’s passing, Nancy used her paranormal investigative experience, tools and knowledge to easily connect with Snoopy in Spirit through various camera devices, including the Apple iPhone.

When Nancy started capturing unique Spirit photos of Snoopy after his passing, she found inspiration to write the book When My Paws Depart My Spirit Will Heal Your Heart. This book contains touching stories about Snoopy’s life and Spirit photos of Snoopy to help heal the hearts of animal lovers everywhere who have suffered a void in their lives following the loss of their cherished family pet member and God’s most loving creation.

Nancy shares in the book some of the paranormal tools she used during paranormal investigations to connect with Spirit. She also includes the inspiring Spirit photos of Snoopy who appeared in photos after his passing. Through her book and these special Spirit photos, Nancy hopes to enlighten pet owners about “life after life” and her belief, that after their passing, our dearly departed pets remain forever connected to us in unconditional love and great gratitude.

When My Paws Depart My Spirit Will Heal Your Heart can be purchased on this website and through The Twig Book Shop at the Pearl Brewery (210) 826.6411. Check back for other book seller locations or purchase your copy here.

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