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In May 2017, Nancy Alanis lost her adorable beagle Snoopy after years of spending loving heartfelt moments together. Shortly after his passing, Nancy began witnessing the Spirit of Snoopy around her.  Among other things, she would hear his howling at the back door or the sound of his paws racing up and down the steps.  Then one day, Snoopy began appearing to Nancy in photos.  These special experiences inspired Nancy to write a book highlighting her touching journey with Snoopy to help heal the hearts of animal lovers everywhere who have suffered a void in their lives following the loss of a loved one.  In her book When My Paws Depart My Spirit Will Heal Your Heart, Nancy shares some of the paranormal tools she used to connect with the unconditional loving Spirit of Snoopy.

Our Amazing True Paranormal Story

The Year Round True Paranormal Haunted House: In October 1999, Terror Mansion opened to thousands of enthusiastic Texas haunted house thrill seekers who traveled from near and far to run, crawl and race through cold dark winding hallways to experience unparalleled scares through this 100 year old mansion that soon became known through the local newspaper poll as Terror Mansion, San Antonio’s Scariest True Paranormal Haunted House. Iconic characters (Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, Zombies and many more) were the main attractions that kept the public chasing their last breath and returning every Halloween season for new and intense scares.

Through the Halloween seasons, many Terror Mansion visitors shared their experiences with the owner Nancy Alanis and claimed to see an assortment of ghostly visions and apparitions which included among other things: (1) Abundant ORBS; (2) small children; (3) man in top hat; (4) dogs; and (5) women in Victorian attire. Terror Mansion Staff also routinely witnessed items spontaneously move, saw children running around and/or heard people talking when the mansion was closed.

The Spirit Chamber Ghost Tour & Classes: On 10.10.10, a paranormal investigation at Terror Mansion was conducted by a reputable and dedicated paranormal group. This paranormal investigation helped unravel and document Terror Mansion Spirit mysteries which included a locked bathroom door unlocking and opening. While the Terror Mansion Spirit activity was well documented through local media, thereafter, the paranormal parties and ghost tours commenced with great enthusiasm and more Spirit sightings emerged. Through years of paranormal parties and paranormal ghost tours, Alanis discovered her unique ability to connect with Spirit through “photos”. In fact, she has captured hundreds of Spirit images in photos. The Spirit Chamber Ghost Tour visitors have had remarkable and unique paranormal metaphysical experiences including observing apparitions of departed loved ones and pets, seeing children playing, observing locked doors unlock and open, hearing voices and messages, and so much more.

The Unfortunate Fire & Remarkable Spirit Photo: Then on February 8, 2019, a homeless person started a fire between an adjacent business and Terror Mansion which destroyed part of the Terror Mansion property and improvements. What is clear in photos taken by Alanis after the fire, Spirit was determined to save the main building they have called home for years. When Alanis took photos of the main building on the evening after the fire, she captured “Spirit” in “shadow forms” standing on the “Exit” ramp next to the main building as though identifying the point of entry and protecting the main building from further damage. The SAFD oddly advised Alanis the main building appeared to be a standing firewall which did not allow the fire to penetrate it.

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