APRIL 10, 2018

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Of Departed Loved Ones and Pets

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You or someone you know may have spent a significant part of your life opening your heart and your home to love, care and protect a dog. When it’s time to grieve our departed friend and most loyal companion, our hearts and our home suddenly experience a prolonged period of loneliness and painful void. Although physically gone, we often wonder if our departed pets remain with us in spirit. Absolutely “Yes”. Since 2011, Nancy Alanis has documented her unusual ability to capture amazing paranormal “spirit” activity in photos and video. To ease the pain over the loss of a departed friend and loyal companion, Nancy has written a warm and compassionate book filled with special stories about the spirit presence of our departed pets in our lives. The amazing after life photo evidence shows that similar to us, our pets experience their own grieving process and when departed, our pets remain with us in spirit and are never gone. Nancy invites you on a bold and beautiful journey to thirst for spiritual clarity and believe that if our departed pets could talk, they would forever remind us…. WHEN MY PAWS DEPART MY SPIRIT WILL HEAL YOUR HEART.


In 1999, Terror Mansion, San Antonio’s Scariest Haunted House opened its doors in San Antonio, Texas. The local newspaper rated the Halloween venue “4” Stars and every Halloween season, thousands of visitors braved their way through the dark cold winding halls Of Terror Mansion for an evening of spooky thrills which included a chainsaw exit farewell.

While the owner’s beautiful and ever so loving Siberian Husky Jene used to sit outside and greet customers, oddly, there were locations inside the haunted house Jene would not want to explore. Many visitors also shared stories of unusual peaceful paranormal activity during their haunted house tour. Visitors claimed to see shadows, active ORBS, ghostly images, Victorian dressed actors, small children scaring inside and occasionally felt the touch by someone who was not visible in their group.

After Jene passed away in May 2011, the owner of Terror Mansion began capturing in photos, video and night vision cameras, amazing paranormal spirit activity inside the Halloween venue. Thereafter, the owner held hundreds of paranormal investigation parties with friends, very gifted mediums and paranormal investigators. She also shared many paranormal photos with the local media.

In 2014, the Spirit Chamber Ghost Tours were launched and once again, visitors had amazing paranormal experiences. Among other things, visitors have heard voices, felt spirit touch them, observed full body apparitions, seen objects move and so much more. The Spirit Chamber Ghost Tours are only held for groups of 10-15 people. (Your group tour must be approved in advance of purchase). To appreciate the ghost tour experience and the power of spirit in our lives, it is recommended that you purchase in advance of your Spirit Chamber Ghost Tour a copy of When My Paws Depart My Spirit Will Heal Your Heart. The book provides authentic photos of spirit activity inside the Halloween venue. Go to the “PURCHASE” page to arrange a Spirit Chamber Ghost Tour and/or purchase after April 10, 2018, a copy of When My Paws Depart My Spirit Will Heal Your Heart.


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